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Asiatic Insights is a journal exclusively for research, essays, literature, and art by college and high school students. The mission of Asiatic Insights is to promote student research and knowledge by recognizing their exceptional works and helping them to achieve behind the classroom walls.

Asiatic Insights provides students with an opportunity to submit their works for publication. Such opportunities are limited for students, and therefore Asiatic Insights fills this gap in the publishing sphere.

asian lights

Asiatic Insights is run and operated by a group of student editors and managers who volunteer their time and effort to help fellow students from around the world. These students are guided by a team of professors and professional editors to ensure a sufficient level of editorial and management quality.

Part of what Asiatic Insights does is to support and guide the next generation of scientists. In particular, Asiatic Insights is interested in guiding students in their research, literary, and artistic pursuits.

Asiatic Insights values the opportunity to share this important expertise with other students and teachers, and therefore any student or professional interested in joining Asiatic Insights is welcome to contact the journal at

Asiatic Insights
137 Market Street, Singapore, 048943