The Cornell University Research Apprenticeship in the Biological Sciences (RABS) offers serious, research-oriented students the rare opportunity to join a top-notch laboratory at one of the world’s leading research institutions.

Cornell biomedical scientists strive for excellence and use their knowledge to solve global problems and benefit society. During this innovative, intensive, and highly selective program, you will become part of the renowned biomedical research community at Cornell’s Ithaca campus, studying under the guidance of distinguished Cornell faculty members as you pursue research in an area of your choosing.

You’ll develop your research skills, becoming familiar with the lab procedures, protocols, techniques, and equipment used in cutting-edge facilities. All the while, you’ll work closely with some of Cornell’s leading professors, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate researchers.

If you are selected as a research apprentice, you will:

  • immerse yourself in an investigative project, spending forty hours or more a week as an integral part of a research team;
  • learn about library and Internet research tools from experts in Cornell’s Mann Library, which houses a remarkable collection of life sciences materials;
  • prepare a written report on your work, suitable for publication;
  • give an oral presentation on your research, to your lab colleagues and Summer College peers;
  • earn six college credits (roughly equivalent to two three-credit university courses) and a Cornell transcript; and
  • have the opportunity to use your summer performance and the relationship you build with your mentor to get a college recommendation letter that can really have an impact.