Pregnancy among adolescents has become a major problem in today’s society and most of these pregnancies come as a shock to these young girls who don’t think about the consequences when they indulge in intercourse. When girls who haven’t reached adulthood and those between the age group of 13-19 become pregnant, it can be termed as teen pregnancy. The number of girls who become pregnant between the ages of 10-19 varies from country to country but either way these pregnancies are not safe or they put both the mother and child at risk. It also has long term implications on them as a person and in the society. Most of the times unwanted pregnancies happen because of coerced sex bringing in a lot of turmoil into the life of the girl.

A positive home pregnancy test after a skipped period confirms the pregnancy and if the doctor also confirms it after a check-up, then it is time for the girl and family to think how to deal with the situation; whether they should abort the child or give birth and raise the baby or give birth and give the baby for adoption. All these are agonizing and harrowing experiences for the girl and her family and to add up to these teen pregnancies carry health risks too. The best way to solve this is to tell the young girls how to protect themselves during sex and prevent these unwanted pregnancies and complications that arise from them.

The best way to avoid pregnancy is to abstain from sex till marriage. In case they decide to have sex, it’s best to be informed on how to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Learn to say NO to boyfriends when it comes to having any type of physical contact, have sex, or have sex without protection.  Know what will result in pregnancy and learn to use the different types of birth control and use them. It is always to visit a doctor and find out in detail because many types of contraception don’t work consistently. Be aware of the consequences and learn to indulge in safe sex and make it an enjoyable experience rather than making grave mistakes and regretting it for the rest of your lives.

Timothy Bausa